Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Building a two storey ruin building and industrial silo

Over the weekend I decided to recycle some of the cardboard and junk lying around the house. I have this bad habit of collecting cardboard if I think I can make something out of it.

But after bringing it home, it's usually "chucked" aside for the so called “future projects” pile. It’s a sign that I am becoming a “hoarder”! Yikes! Better do something about it soon before I start hoarding each and every cardboard I lay my hands on!

Below are some of the 40k scenery I have been working on; 2 two-storey buildings and an industrial silo. I have decided to use a different base in lieu of the mdf bases which is my usual MO. Instead, I have started using art canvas which I have recently discovered in my local stationary shop. Surprisingly durable, and somewhat lighter as well. 

The buildings are built out of foam board and cardboard finishing for cornices and parapet tops. Roof’s made out of corrugated cardboard.

The industrial silo was actually made from a polystyrene piece from my new microwave box and a large metal tin which had some preserved fruit, which I had for desert the other night. And of course some cardboard takeaway box (yes my unofficial sponsor ). To finish uo I added some bendy plastic sipping straws and some foam board to the sides to create some steps.

Took me another week but I finally finished basing and painting the terrain pieces.
All the terrain textured and finished with sand with PVA glue before painting.

And here are the finished product.

As always, good luck in your scratch building
Capt. Stainguard


  1. Hi- like your Scratch Model of the Silo- very cleverly done. Regards. KEV.