Sunday, 3 February 2013

Scratch building 40k Barricades

I  have decided to kick-start the year by making some terrain. The first thing that caught my eye was the wooden rulers for sale at the departmental stores (eg k-mart or Office works here in Australia) for school kids at the start of school season. 

One of my basic rules for scratch building terrain; base your terrain/scenery on a solid base. This is a no brainier because your terrain will last longer. So Wooden rulers, make good bases for barricades.

What you need
Utility knife
Metal Ruler
PVA glue

Wooden ruler
Bits of foam board
Corrugated cardboard
Citadel paints

I cut the rulers in half (I bought the 30mm ones) with a utility knife. You can choose to cut the sides to give it a less squarish look if you wish.

The next step is to cut some foam board and stick it to the wooden base using PVA glue. Fortunately for me I have lots of left overs from previous projects. I prefer to have the foam board glued on in bits (just enough to cover your models) to represent rubble so you get that ruin city look.

Cut some corrugated card board. You can purchase this in any stationary store (or get them from takeaway pizza boxes). Cut them into triangles and stick them behind the foam board walls. This will act as roof sheeting debris or just bit of metal fencing being propped together in a warzone.

Now using a wet brush evenly spread some PVA glue to the surface of the base.
Not my favourite part because it can get messy. Quickly after this process, add sand (or flock) and leave to dry. Make sure the PVA is dried before proceeding to make sure the sand is sealed in!

Now you are almost done. Base coat the terrain with chaos black (I sometimes tend to add a light wash of PVA glue and water just to seal in the sand before base coating).
I used a dry brush technique to paint my terrain. I started painting the base, first with snake bite leather (or scorch brown).

The exposed foam board is dry brush painted with codex grey. I then painted the corrugated board with brazen brass. Finally paint boltgun metal over the top bits of the corrugated board.

There you have it, some 40k barricades!

I would like to encourage you to give this a try but if this is too time consuming and messy for you, I have some on ebay for you to bid, just to save you the trouble.

As always, good luck in your scratch building
Capt. Stainguard

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