Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Scratch Build Thunder bolt

A few days ago I met up with a friend and we started talking 30k. If I were to play 30k, I will finally have a chance to use my scratch built Thunderbolts.  Using the Solar Auxilia list, the Thunderbolts will fit nicely in the fast attack slot. Building the Solar Auxilia will be a whole different story but for now, let’s go down memory lane on how I made these fellas.
Now I built these flyers a few years back and I have only used them 4 times. Fortunately I did take some pictures when I was building them and they were mainly built like my Hell Talons Flyers - out of card board.

I used a template I found in the net but did some off my own modification. I wanted some uniqueness to the flyers so instead of following the usually wing shape, I change them to the classic v shape to mimic the forgeworld mk1 lighting flyer (yeah they don’t sell that model anymore)

I did not go for the bending straws this time for the engine bit (the inter cooler system), but instead  I decided to use reticulation sprinkler heads which kinda pimped the engine a little. It reminds me off an injector system on a V8 motor car. Nice!

The thunderbolt primarily uses twin linked autocannons as its main weapon, so instead of using the imperial guard heavy weapons spru, I opted for the autocannon from the chaos defiler kit which looks nice with the gun-belt look, feeding from the ship. The turbines are from the space marine drop pods (yeah it was hard to source these parts as I went ebay for some)

After basecoating the miniature in chaos black, it finally looks like a decent flyer. I hastily painted the entire ship in codex grey and behold, a scratch built thunderbolt. And yes, I made two at the same time.

Here is a comparison between the real Macoy and the scratch built Thunderbolt which I will dub the MKXT Thunderbolt, which is probably a forgeworld planet prototype of somekind…lol.

Friday, 3 June 2016

40k scratch built Warhound

One of the many projects that I hesitate to do is a scratch built Warhound.

A few years back I actually took the plunge and decided to build one so I can take it to an apocalypse game. Nothing motivates me more then to have a big piece of cheese spewing death and destruction on the battle field.


Unfortunately I never did take it to the game as my team decided to do an infantry list at the very last minute with hordes of vendettas. Those bloody movie marines nearly got us that time…ahhh good times.


So anyway, I didn’t really took many progress shots at the time but here are some work in progress shots for all who are interested to make one for themselves.

I am sure if you just goggle "warhound titan templates", you might still find some floating around. I hope some of these pictures might serve to inspire others to attempt this fun project.


This project is currently on hold and is basecoated  black at the moment. If time permits, I will have this painted one day.