Sunday, 11 November 2012

The 44th Steel Legion Imperial Guard

After surfing the net for steel legion conversions, I have come to a realization I have made some weird and wacky conversions of my own over the years to expand my steel legion miniature range. Funny enough, my first 40k miniatures are actually 10 Steel legion imperial guard miniatures available in stores during the Armageddon campaign and not space marines. 

My first squad is painted simply with chaos black undercoat, codex grey, scorched brown and boltgun metal to lasguns muzzles. Thus the 44th Steel legion imperial guard was born!

When the steel legion miniatures were released, it came with some standard poses and a limited range of special weapons. It was not as versatile as the plastic Cadian range of the 6th edition, and all we had during that time was either the metal imperial guard range of the different regiments and the Catachan plastic range.  Then came a very clever "Red Shirt" named Travis, who educated me about the “tithe guard”, so I began to adding Catachan and Valhalan  miniatures to my range to make it a rag-tag fighting force. 

This started me into the world of imperial guard conversion and I was adamant to convert models that were missing from the classic steel legion range

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