Monday, 12 November 2012

Space Marine Drop Pod Rubble

Many years ago, GW released a scratch build template through their website before they started selling their mass produce plastic space marine drop pods in stores. These fabled templates are still floating around the net and if you stumbled across them, you might want to give them a try, but the amount of extra plastic bits needed to finish the project to a high standard, might put you off. Not for the faint hearted!

Needless to say I made one during those days (out of a cereal box) and what I really like about them is; it’s based on the Dreadnaught drop pod variant and distinctly different from the infantry drop pods. Nice and chunky and it looks like, you could fit 10 space marines.

During the weekend I found some extra templates which I had printed out long ago and decided to start scratch building these drop pods again. I had planned to make a table top with a “drop pod landing battlefield theme” with pods scattered all over. First off, this will provide plenty of terrain to block line of sight and secondly it will give me a really cool battlefield scenery as well. My plans were set back when I made the doors to the pod a little too big (it was printed at a wrong scale! Gosh!) And after all that cutting, the pieces does not fit and everything just looks wrong. What a waste of a day...i thought

I pulled all 3 doors apart and looked at them. I then decided not to waste such a good component (after all that cutting!) and started gluing them to some old CDs I have lying around.
The results were quite promising. I started to texture the base with sand using PVA glue and then basecoat the entire terrain in black. I added some brown mix and repainted the whole thing in codex grey.

I now have some drop pod rubble to go with my soon to be, ambitious drop pod battlefield theme.
I wonder if I will every get around to make more drop pods. :P

Here is wishing you good luck in all your scratch building
Capt. Stainguard

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  1. could you put up a pdf of the desings as i have wanted to buy (or make) a drop pod foe ages