Friday, 6 December 2013

Space marine corpse’s scenery

Came across some really over painted and badly converted space marines in a garage sale which I got for a cheap deal. Not sure why I bought them, but it must be because it was lumped in a bundle of other cool stuff as well.  Looking at the space marines gave me an idea of a scenery conversion of some dead marines as terrain piece.

This time I used a 2mm thick mdf elliptical door sign as a base. I covered the hole with some card and proceeded to add some foam board pieces and other extra plastic bits. I then had fun cutting up the marines specifically at their leg joints and arm joint to repose them. The idea was to have them looking face down of sitting up against a wall with severed body parts.

Plus I drilled some bullet holes in the bodies though the desired effect was a little subtle then I have expected. To finish off, I textured the entire scenery with sand. The scenery was then basecoated  in black and I started painting “ultramarine blue” to my dead smurfy marines which came out quite nicely against the dark backdrop. 

I think this terrain is quite simple yet effective piece. A close up below to all the plastic bits after some dry brushing of “codex grey” and highlights of “boltgun metal“

 Here is the final product below

I decided to do a second one on a round base just for fun. Enjoy.

As always, Scratch building is fun and rewarding. Give it a go!

Capt. Stainguard


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