Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Scratch Build Thunder bolt

A few days ago I met up with a friend and we started talking 30k. If I were to play 30k, I will finally have a chance to use my scratch built Thunderbolts.  Using the Solar Auxilia list, the Thunderbolts will fit nicely in the fast attack slot. Building the Solar Auxilia will be a whole different story but for now, let’s go down memory lane on how I made these fellas.
Now I built these flyers a few years back and I have only used them 4 times. Fortunately I did take some pictures when I was building them and they were mainly built like my Hell Talons Flyers - out of card board.

I used a template I found in the net but did some off my own modification. I wanted some uniqueness to the flyers so instead of following the usually wing shape, I change them to the classic v shape to mimic the forgeworld mk1 lighting flyer (yeah they don’t sell that model anymore)

I did not go for the bending straws this time for the engine bit (the inter cooler system), but instead  I decided to use reticulation sprinkler heads which kinda pimped the engine a little. It reminds me off an injector system on a V8 motor car. Nice!

The thunderbolt primarily uses twin linked autocannons as its main weapon, so instead of using the imperial guard heavy weapons spru, I opted for the autocannon from the chaos defiler kit which looks nice with the gun-belt look, feeding from the ship. The turbines are from the space marine drop pods (yeah it was hard to source these parts as I went ebay for some)

After basecoating the miniature in chaos black, it finally looks like a decent flyer. I hastily painted the entire ship in codex grey and behold, a scratch built thunderbolt. And yes, I made two at the same time.

Here is a comparison between the real Macoy and the scratch built Thunderbolt which I will dub the MKXT Thunderbolt, which is probably a forgeworld planet prototype of somekind…lol.

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  1. Any chance you still have those templates? They seem to be gone from the net....