Saturday, 8 December 2012

40k Apocalypse 2012

With Christmas almost upon us and some people saying that the end of the world is near,  I figure it’s only fair I  post a picture of an apocalypse game, which I had the privilege in participating a couple of years ago in a local gaming club called “Armadale Wargames” which runs almost every year now (near Christmas time), an annual apocalypse tournament since 40k Apocalypse was introduced.  

This also brings to mind my very first vehicle conversion when White dwarf promoted the Vehicle Design Rules. I had the inspiration to build this monstrosity after reading one of the Gaunts Ghost novels which featured a traitor guard warmachine. Unfortunately as time passes by, I tore the model apart for parts since most of my friends were afraid to go up against it and there wasn’t much use for this model in a standard 40k game. So parts were recycled and made into other things. But today with the introduction of 40k apocalypse, I wondered how this model would have fared? 

Lucky for me I took a picture of this conversion before disassembling it in the chop-shop :P

Merry Christmas!
Capt. Stainguard

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